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We are the student branch of the Liberal Democrats in Leeds.

Fed up with Brexit? We are too. We are fighting hard for an Exit from Brexit, making the positive case for a Britain in Europe. We believe that there is no good Brexit deal for young people, and that you (yes you!) should be given the final say. We demand better than Brexit, campaigning for a better NHS, a fairer economy and real progress on Climate Change. 

Sound good? You could be a Lib Dem too! If you're passionate Europhile, a politico who loves a good debate, a seasoned campaigner or just a big Nick Clegg fan (us too) then you'll be welcome with us!


We have a regular schedule of events including campaigning evenings, weekend action days and discussions. Yes, we are a student society, but it's not all drinking! As a society we've done everything from classy brunches to film screenings to trips to party conference. 

So whether you are willing to brave the cold and join us campaigning across Leeds, or fancy a chat about politics over a Pizza, Leeds Young Liberals has the event for you! The best place to stay up to date is by joining our mailing list or following us on Facebook, where you will find all our upcoming events!

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In 2017 we sadly lost our fantastic MP for Leeds North West, Greg Mulholland. However that does not mean we are giving up and going home. Far from it! The work now begins to win back the seat, working closely with our brilliant candidate Kamran Hussain. We also campaign for fantastic local Lib Dem candidates in the yearly local elections.

We hold regular action days and campaign evenings and weekends, as well as phone canvassing evenings over pizza. As we gear up for upcoming local elections, the hard work starts now. If you haven't campaigned before don't worry, full training is provided. 

We also work closely with Our Future Our Choice (OFOC) in their campaign for a People's Vote, holding regular street stalls, making trips to London to meet our MPs and socials.

If campaigning interests you or you would like to find out more, join our Facebook group where we discuss upcoming action days and how you can help!

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Yeah, we're Lib Dems. But hear us out! 

Nick Clegg, former MP and party leader, looking sad.

....(whisper it) you might be one too. Yes really. Don't worry about telling your parents just yet, there's a support group for that. If you believe that refugees deserve to be treated with respect, or that we can't be "all in this together" if Theresa May keeps balances the budget on the backs of the poorest, or that the Human Right's Act must remain, or that the Snoopers Charter is a bad thing, or that we need an Exit from a hard and extreme Brexit then guess what? You are a Liberal. Embrace it. 

So come join us.

There's lots to get stuck in with. Curry nights. Campaigning evenings. Action Days. Leafleting. Canvassing. MP Q+As. Spirited Discussion evenings. LiberTea coffee mornings. Drinking Liberally nights. Nights out. Classy (or not so classy) cocktail evenings. Trips away. Union campaigns. National demonstrations. Elections. Conferences. It's great. Be part of it. 

Keep up to date with all the latest news from the society by signing up for our mailing list, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter at the links below.

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