Stoodley Pike and Hebden Bridge, South Pennines

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10:00 am - 5:00 pm



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Alcohol free

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This walk through the South Pennines will take you to the top of Stoodley Pike, a 400m high hill with an impressive 37m monument on top. From there we will continue on to Hebden Bridge where we will finish with some time to explore this quaint little market town full of independent shops and cafes.

During the walk we will have two groups, a short one roughly 5km in length and the longer one roughly 8km. On the day you can choose which group you would like to walk with and it should last roughly 3 hours stopping regularly to appreciate the stunning views and points of interest along the route.

We would like to emphasise the need for good outdoor walking shoes or boots plus waterproof clothing. Please bring some food and drink for during the walk.