Union Staff Perks

We make sure our people have a great work life balance so they are happy, healthy and feeling secure in their work.

Here's what we offer all our staff members:

Holiday Perks

  • 26 Days Holiday Allowance a Year
  • 8 Bank Holidays
  • 6.5 Union Close Days at Christmas and Easter time
  • Ability to buy extra holiday

Work Perks

  • Flexible working with flexi-time options  
  • Competitive pension scheme
  • Generous Absence Pay Scheme

Development Perks

  • Training and Development Packages

Health and Fitness Perks

  • 25% Off at the Edge Gym for staff
  • Weekly discounted or free fitness and sport activity from yoga to a Badminton League

Childcare Perks

  • Great Maternity and Paternity Pay Schemes
  • Childcare Centre on Campus

Union Perks

  • Guest list tickets to our gigs
  • Discount in our shops and cafes

Social Perks

We're a friendly lot, and we love getting together, here's some of our more organised fun:

  • Board Games Night
  • Baking League
  • Staff Festivals and Christmas Parties

Campus Perks

Being affiliated with the University not only means you get to work on a beautiful campus, staff can also enjoy:

  • Free online access to Rosetta Stone
  • Access to the University libraries
  • Discounted Metro Travel Card