Spring Forums 2018 Results

Spring Forums 2018 Results

Representation , Democracy

The third round of our Better Forums took place across the last week in the Pyramid Theatre; the Better Forums are how our members – that’s you – make changes across the Union, the Uni and the City. At each Forum a randomly selected student panel vote on the ideas they hear, and if they like them – they become policy for three years.

We didn’t get enough ideas in for Better Leeds to go ahead this time - there have to be at least two ideas for a Forum to take place – so if you’ve got anything you want to change in the city let us know, or drop George the Community Officer an email. In total we had 9 ideas discussed by our reps and voted on by the panel; from halal and kosher food in our outlets, engaging our members politically through to free education and mental health first aid training.

Two of the ideas presented split the panel:

  • Should all society AGMs be a sober event in an alcohol-free venue?
  • Should LUU allow new societies the chance to apply for funding pots available for all societies?

This means that for them to be decided and if their proposers want them to, they head to a referendum in May – if you’re interested in being part of the campaign team for or against either idea then drop Mike our Democracy Manager an email on m.hewitson@leeds.ac.uk.

You can see the full outcomes here:

All of our Current Policy lives on our website here, and don’t forget you can submit your own ideas to Forum here.

The next and final round of Forums (Summer) is taking place on the 30th April, 1st and 3rd May, and anyone is welcome to come down and get involved.