School Rep Recruitment 2020/21 Now Live

Apply to be a School Rep

School Rep Recruitment 2020/21 Now Live


Applications to be part of Leeds University Union’s School Rep team for the next academic year are now open.

As an LUU School Rep you’ll have the chance to represent the views and be the voice of students in your School, promoting student-led change. School Reps play a fundamentally important role in ensuring your School and the University provide the best possible academic experience for students, and a better place to work and study. 

The roles are open to role-shares with other reps in the School, and the hours are flexible depending on your availability. LUU’s Academic Representation team also offer support for reps throughout the year, and are always on hand to help give support and guidance. 

For more insight into what your year as a School Rep would entail, here are some of your 2019/20 School Rep’s favourite moments:

“I really enjoyed attending the meetings and forums ran by LUU, as it gave me a chance to take part in changes across the University, and it was really fun to meet and work with reps beyond the School of Design. Organising my own events was really fun because I enjoyed working with course reps, and gave me to opportunity to meet people from all over the School of Design.”

“Meeting the other reps and making friends with them and finding out about the inner workings of the university.”

“My favourite moment was the ability to do something about the issues that I saw around me. Furthermore, the fact that I was a School Representative gave me the opportunity to help my course mates who were struggling in some way with their course.”

“It will definitely have to be the Better Forum sessions as this allows students voices to be heard and discussed in a both professional and friendly manner. In addition, I really enjoyed chairing a couple of meetings for the student staff forum.”

With the continued uncertainty due to the coronavirus outbreak, the roles may take place in an online format throughout the first term next year. We know that student representation will be as important as ever though, so if you want to represent your course mates then find out more and apply here before 11 May.