Say Hello to Your Lead LUU Candidates

Say Hello to Your Lead LUU Candidates

Lead LUU

Over 40 of your peers have put themselves forward to run to become your next Student Executive and represent you in all areas of student life.

Say hello to all your candidates here and read their manifestos and find out what they’d want to change if you elected them.

How do you decide who gets your vote? You’ve got plenty of opportunities.

Watch them debate live the things that matter to you at the Lead LUU Live event on Friday 22 February from 11am where LSR and LSTV will be attempting to find out what they stand for in a grilling in Pyramid Theatre. Or tune in to LSTV to watch it live.

You can also meet them one on one and ask them any questions you have before making your decision to vote for them on Common Ground on Wednesday 20 February from 2:30pm at Candidate Speed Dating.  

They will also be doing role specific events from potting plants to playing monopoly, you can find out more here.

Voting will open on Monday 25 February so you have a whole week to decide who you want to represent your voice.


Say Hello to Your… Community Candidates

We’ve got six candidates who are ready to battle it out for your community vote. Who do you want to make decisions on behalf of your life in Leeds? Whoever is elected to Community Officer will make decisions around student accommodation, improving safety for students around Leeds, representing students’ needs in public services and working to build relationships with the local community and students.

Take your pick:

  • Catheryne Fairbairn
  • Evangeline Robinson
  • Louise Wocial
  • Paula Daina
  • Phoebe Garside
  • Shiheng ‘Eric’ Zhang

Say Hello to Your… Union Affairs Candidates

You’ve got five candidates to pick from. Your winning Union Affairs Officer will make financial decisions on behalf of the Union - who has the best ideas for how they spend your money? They ensure the Union’s democratic systems are running fairly and govern the University on behalf of all students.

Take your pick:

  • Charlie Steele
  • Jingyan Elizabeth Shu
  • Lauren Huxley
  • Oscar Arevalo
  • Ziran Yang

Say Hello to Your… Activities Candidates

Four candidates want your activities vote. They support all clubs and societies to help develop students and make sure they are running well and providing what students want and make sure the sports and co-curricular activities are well-supported. Who would you fancy to run your social life?

Take your pick:

  • He Pei Li
  • Lydia Evans
  • Qin Fan
  • Yasu Kawase

Say Hello to Your… Education Candidates

There are seven candidates who want your vote. Who would you like to represent your educational needs to the University? To work with your School Rep and make sure students have a say on running their course? It’s in your hands.

Take your pick:

  • Jun 
  • Liu Yifan
  • Bothaina Tashani
  • Greg Reynolds
  • Abiha Khan
  • Ioana Mistreanu
  • Iulian Biris

Say Hello to Your… Equality and Diversity Officer

Six students are ready to be your next E&D Officer and remove barriers to accessing every students’ University experience. Along with making sure the University vary their services to suit everyone’s needs. Who’s manifesto does it for you?

Take your pick:

  • Chloe Elliot
  • Georgia Grant
  • Peici Zhan
  • Rachael Dickinson
  • Rochyne Delaney McNulty
  • Xiao Xiao


Say Hello to Your… Welfare Candidates

There are 10 candidates who’d love to be your Welfare Exec. So, you need to decide whose welfare campaigns and initiatives you like best and who you’d want to represent your problems to the University.


Take your pick:

  • Amy Wells
  • Bryony-ann Hodson
  • Ella Murphy
  • Hannah Copsey
  • Kya Hany
  • Leo Adams
  • Natalie Figueredo
  • Obri Gonzalez
  • Olga Bogdou
  • Sarah Millington


Running to be editor of your student newspaper The Gryphon are Edward Barnes and Ian White.