Looking Fresher for Freshers

Looking Fresher for Freshers

We're excited to let you know that areas in your Union building are set to get a revamp just in time for Freshers.

Union Affairs Officer Jack Palmer said:

"Having arrived at Leeds in 2013, I've seen the Union building constantly evolve its spaces to become a better place for our members to relax, study and do activities together in. I'm really excited to know that after I'm gone, LUU will keep on getting better and better for students at Leeds University."

We are sharing some of our draft plans and photo mock ups below to give you an idea of how you're Union space may look. 

These plans are just some of the ways we're constantly innovating our spaces to make sure they suit our student members. 


Terrace's terrace will be transformed into a cosy area that is good for all seasons, we're adding seating sheds, patio heating, pergolas (to shut out the rain) and a flexible pop up area to house things like the Old Bar-B-Q on sunny days, all topped off with festoon lighting. 

You can view the plan for the Terrace outdoor area here. 


The front of the building 

Not only that, continuing the outdoor theme, we're going to be reworking the Precinct, creating a piazza style area that Old Bar patrons can spill out to on sunny days complete with a huge digital screen for any Uni messages. 



Staggered stone steps outside precinctOutdoor seating area in Precinct



And don't think we haven't forgotten about the toilets near Stylus, which will be getting the renovation they deserve.

Mock up image of toilets


These images are just mock ups for now, so they won't exactly look like this, but they give you a good indication.  We'll keep you updated with the process of these renovations.