Leeds University Union - 100% virtual, 100% still helping students

Leeds University Union - 100% virtual, 100% still helping students

UPDATED: 23 March 2020

Like all organisations, Leeds University Union has had to rapidly react to the impact of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) on the UK.

In line with the latest guidance from the Government, we have changed how we work, abiding by three key principles:

  1. The need to provide key services to our students and support their wellbeing
  2. The need to protect our staff and their wellbeing 
  3. Adapting services as we are directed by the Government to do so and in partnership with the University of Leeds

We were able to keep services open as long as possible for the students remaining on campus but following the Government announcement on 23 March, the building is now closed.

100% of our support staff are now working from home and we now offer a ‘virtual advice service’ where students can receive support via video link.

We are acutely aware of how the Coronavirus situation affects students who need to work regularly to support themselves. Where students cannot work because the closure, we will be paying their expected wages during these last few weeks of the academic term.

Behind the scenes, we are also exploring what hardship support we can provide to all University of Leeds students who work in the city.

As the University of Leeds has switched many taught programmes to online learning, our Joblink temporary employment agency has recruited sixty students who will provide virtual support as students adapt to an online academic life.


Leeds University Union always aspires to show the positive values of our student community, encouraging trust and support by celebrating the diversity of our campus and our really special home in Leeds.

Whilst the situation is challenging, we still intend to be the (virtual) place where people continue to listen, be inclusive and seek to serve and empower others.


In that spirit, our elected student officers have created an online community group to connect students together and shine a light on positive student initiatives, including the recent action by LUU Art Society to provide art packs for students self-isolating.


In their words:


"What the next couple of months look like is uncertain at the moment, but your Exec is still wholeheartedly here for you.

We will be doing our very best to continue representing and mobilising the students of Leeds.

We know lots of you are worried or anxious, or at a loss of what to do. Now is the time for us to lean on the strong community we have in Leeds and be creative in the ways in which we support each other.

In what are truly unprecedented times, it is so important to remember to be kind and caring towards others."

Leeds University Union -  80% virtual, 100% still helping students



For further information, please email: LUU.Press@leeds.ac.uk