A Statement From Your Welfare and Equality and Diversity Officers

A Statement From Your Welfare and Equality and Diversity Officers

Student Exec

Your Equality and Diversity Officer and Welfare Officer have released the below statement in response to concerns raised directly by students regarding some non-LUU, non-student-led events that have taken place on campus this year organised by various groups including trade unions, political parties, chaplains and academic members of staff.

“As we approach the end of busy year for LUU, we would like to re-emphasise our commitment to students’ welfare. We aim to nurture a safe, inclusive campus and ensure that all students feel valued and respected. This hasn’t always happened this year and there have been a number of non-student led events on campus that have caused students to feel unsafe. At a time when Students’ Unions are under attack over no-platform policies and accusations of restricting freedom of speech, our members’ interests and safety have, and always will be our main priority. We will work to ensure we mitigate the risks of any event that may be potentially distressing for our students.  

As always, we pride ourselves on being a student-led organisation and taking all students’ concerns seriously. We will always welcome open debate and a diverse range of events on campus, as long as students’ welfare is a priority.”

Welfare Officer & Equality & Diversity Officer 2017/18