Leeds Marrow

What we’re all about

Leeds Marrow is a student-run branch of Anthony Nolan. Throughout the year, we run events most weeks in halls and around campus, signing people onto the stem cell register. We run lots of fundraisers too.  

For people with leukaemia and other blood cancers, a stem cell transplant can often be their last chance & it can be lifesaving for that person.

They first look to their family members for one but unfortunately 70% do not have a match in their family. Therefore, they need complete strangers on the Anthony Nolan register to be a match for them.

At the moment, only 60% of people are able to find a match and this reduces to 20% if the person is from an ethnic minority background. To increase these chances of finding a match, we need more people on the register, so come along to one of our events and join!

Fancy helping out?

Find out more about volunteering with us by emailing or joining our 'Leeds Marrow Volunteers' page on Facebook. We are always looking for volunteers and run lots of training sessions and socials throughout the year. 

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