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Ilm Society provides the Sunni-Sufi perspective on Theology ('Aqeedah), Jurisprudence (Fiqh), and Spirituality (Tasawwuf) at the University of Leeds. These are our three core principles and are reflected in our workshops, classes, and events. We are strivers of the spiritual practices (Turuq) of the Sufis of Islam such as 'Abdul-Qadir al Jilani, Ahmad al Rifa'i, and Imam al Ghazali. All are welcome!


Our socials are usually in the form of our monthly Dhikr gatherings and spiritual evenings. In which a space for the opportunity to meet like-minded students and free food is provided.


There is no current membership this academic year and all events and classes are free unless otherwise stated. Although if you wish to make a general donation to the society, please email us for further information.

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