Food for Change

What we’re all about

We have the power to create change. It just needs the ideas and people to make it happen.

Food 4 Change is a platform for leading innovative thinking and acting across the university in sustainability and health through food. If you have the passion and drive for making a difference, we're the ones for you. Join us to collaborate on ongoing projects or come to us with fresh ideas to turn your plans into actions and make a real difference.

Meetings and Socials

We raise awareness for food waste, sustainability and health issues through hosting guest speakers, running events around campus and being involved in projects both within and outside the university.

Whole society meetings usually occur once a month - to keep up to date with these and other events and socials, join our mailing list and Facebook page! 

We have four sub-groups, who meet on a more regular basis than the whole society, focusing on different areas where we want to make an impact. To get involved and find out when sub-group meetings are, just join the Facebook groups!

Making Change in the Refectory and University Cafes:
Working with Rainbow Junktion (the Real Junk Food Project):
Organising educational campaigns and workshops: 
Creating digital content (e.g. contributing to our blog and Instragram): 


There is a one-off membership fee of £3 to join the society.



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