What we’re all about

Folk society is an open group for anyone with an interest in folk music and culture, whether you play tunes, sing songs, or if you're an avid listener.  Check our calendar to see what we have going on 

The Session

In our weekly sessions, we learn folk tunes and songs together.  Bring any tunes you want to play together and we'll learn those, too.  Come at the start to learn some tunes, slowly at first and then speeding them up as we go along.  Later on we'll transition to a lively session as other musicians join us to sing songs and play more tunes.


We meet at Fox and Newt, on Burley Street.

Weekly Session                                                                                                                              Mondays 8.00-9.00 Learn a tune                                                                                                                                  9.00 - late Session

Bring your instruments, tunes, and songs or just come and listen.  Keep updated by following the group on Facebook.



As well as our weekly sessions, we hold ceilidhs, open mics and subsidised trips to local folk gigs, at least two per term. Details will be posted on the folk soc calendar.


Membership is £3 for the year. All of our weekly sessions are free or pay-as-you-feel collections for our professional tutors. Members will benefit from guaranteed spots at our open mic nights, and discounted places on any extra workshops or folk gig trips that we run.

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