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Baking Society is a group for those who love all things baked. Whether making, creating or tasting is your thing, the Baking Society can help you begin or continue your hobby. Seasoned experts and complete beginners come together to share sneaky tips and tricks for getting the most out of a tight student budget to ensure you always have a sweet treat to help you (and your housemates) through assignments.


Please note: we do not teach you how to bake. You bake at home and bring what you have made to meetings, if you wish to do so.




We meet every other week on a Tuesday at 6pm in Common Ground (Ground floor of Union) and bring along a bake which is based on a theme, chosen by us by vote. Please check our Facebook page to find out the theme of the week. We enjoy everyone's efforts and chat about different techniques used and any difficulties faced among many other things. 




Throughout the year we will host a variety of social events, including movie nights, a Cakely Run and a trip for afternoon tea.


We're all over our social media so check us out and keep up to date with us on: 


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Instagram - luubakingsoc


 Baking Society Annual General Meeting (AGM) - Election of Committee for 2019/20

We will be running our AGM on Tuesday 12th March at 6pm in Common Ground, this will be done at the start of our meeting. Details of the committee positions available will be uploaded shortly, but we will be looking to elect a minimum of four committee members to run the society next year. The definitive positions will be President, Treasurer and Secretary (with options for co-positions on these), and the potential to run for alternative positions such as Social Media Secretary or Events Secretary if desired.




We have two main types of membership, a 'Baker' membership and a 'Taster' membership.


Baker Membership- This one is for those of you who love to bake! The full Baker membership costs £25, and includes the cost of a Food Hygiene Certificate (that lasts 3 years), which you will need to complete before you bring bakes along to our meetings. If you already have a Food Hygiene Certificate, you will only need to purchase a 'Taster' membership. This membership gives you access to all of our fortnightly meetings, which are free if you bring a bake, or £1 if you come along without a bake. To add to this, you will also get discounted tickets to our social events throughout the year (such as afternoon tea, and the infamous Cakely Run!).


Taster Membership - This is for the cake lovers out there who perhaps don't have the time or desire to bake themselves just yet! This membership option is £10 and will give you access to all of our meetings throughout the year, but don't forget to bring along your £1 in cash to each meeting as only those who bake get to come along for free. To add to this, you will also get discounted tickets to our social events throughout the year (such as afternoon tea, and the infamous Cakely Run!).


Taster to Baker Upgrade Membership - This is the final option when you go to buy one of our memberships, which is for those who already have a 'Taster' membership, but wish to upgrade to being a 'Baker' so that they can get their Food Hygiene Certificate and start bringing a bake along too! It costs £15 (the difference in cost between the two memberships), so if you are unsure if you would like to be a baker, come along as a taster first as you can always upgrade later!



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